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Hi guys,

I mentioned a while back on the site that my dear, dear Christy who has helped me on my sites for many years moved to California. Well...I need a new Christy--tee hee! I really do need someone who can help me with all the backend stuff on the site. With four sites and my other million things to do it really does take a team to get everything done in a day. Here's the basics of what I need:

Full time person....flexibility is a good thing.
Understands couponing lingo/writing up deals/Publix policy
Good grammar, spelling & computer skills
Needs to have Skype (just the chat version as that is how I "talk" to all my folks each day) We don't have to video chat or you'd see me in my pajamas very often!
Has access to a Publix (to take pics, find prices, etc)
I'd love someone with Wordpress experience but that is not a must...I can train you :-)

If you are interested please email me ([email protected]) and tell me a little about you, what your skills/strengths are, your availability and your salary request.

Thanks everyone!!
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