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Anyone here anymore?

I miss the forum here
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  • Hi, I pop in whenever I can
    New to ibotta?
  • I know so sad
    had so much fun with this and now everyone went bye bye
    Fla- Girls to save For
    Feedback Thread:
    Love trading! print for est traders
  • kariandolafkariandolaf ✭✭✭
    Are there any other forums that are more active? I came here a few years ago after the totally target fizzled out ..,, now I feel like the same is happening to this forum :/
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  • gomerswifegomerswife ✭✭✭
    I miss Happy.....It seems like this forum was much more fun when he was here. I noticed that there seem to be alot more trade messages and even when I have tried to leave something "fun" it seems to be ignored. I used to like coming here....even if it wasn't to do much trading, it was just interesting to see the different topics - both good and complaints.....

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