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Publix Digital Coupon List

Does anyone know of a way to get a list without the pictures of all the clipped digital coupons? I don't have room for another app on my phone, but I want a way to list the coupons to reference while shopping.
Hope all is well with my fellow couponers!


  • toppertopper ✭✭✭
    @bensoki , sorry I did not see this sooner. What I do is go to, log into my account. Add any item to my shopping list. Click on "print". Click the box to "view digital coupons". Click on "cancel". It will now show you all of your digital coupons. Click on each "item name" to drop down the coupons for that aisle. I do not know if this works on smartphones. I just do it this way and then print out the list.

    Hope that helps.

    T :)
    Fletcher, NC

    The Prime Minister of Couponing from Non-European Britain
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