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Have $3 off Colgate Palmolive. Will ONLY Send w. OTHER coupons for Publix or othe stores

edited April 2017 in Publix Deals
I STILL have some $3 off Colgate Palmolive. MANY went to "regular donors" who take lots of other coupons. I NOW have a conglomerate list of PUBLIX Sales - Starting today for a week; GREEN EASTER SAVINGS Flyer exp. APR 21 and upcoming PURPLE FLYER Apr. 8-21 (Thank you IHeartPublix for Purple flyer preview)
My Mfr. coupon matches are included for all. LOT$ of $avings for you so LMK what coupons you want and I will ALSO send some $3.00 COLGATE PALMOLIVE QS if your regular coupon list and donation offer is decent. TOO LONG to post all here so send me EMAIL for complete list of sales and MY COUPONS
[email protected]


  • Let me tell you what you missed when you DID NOT take those coupons - I bought the SOFTSOAP Body Wash 18 oz. for an auction here for A.C.S next WED. Got them BOGO at Publix for $3.99 - Had a .75 coupon off each. Got 6 at a time w 2 of the $3.00 off 3 coupons that I offered here. It was GREAT DEAL =- Went in TUE WED THUR and got 6 bottles each day. My cleaning person was here today and took 2 bottles for $2.00 ea. I have a helper coming to help me price things (We have donated items ALSO and we price against TARGET and WALMART prices or other stores if not sold there). Should be able to get $2. or maybe $2.25 for each bottle. CVS had them for $4.50 when I was there.

    ALSO bought JOLLY TIME popcorn (3) 100-cal packs in a box on sale for $1.00 ea. - I Had $2.00 off 3 coupons for those. - Got dozens of those.

    Don't have time to list all the coupons that are donated to me. I DID send those to the people who take coupons from me on a regular basis.

  • hey love to trade again
    Fla- Girls to save For
    Feedback Thread:
    Love trading! print for est traders
  • too late for COLGATE PALM. or JOLLY TIME coupons - What coupons are you looking for now????
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