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Smart Source doubling

Hello all! New to the couponing world, and have a silly question.... I often see you reference a Smart Source coupon of say, $1 off 1, to use with a bogo deal. So technically you can use 2 (one for each item). But how do you guys get 2 of those SS coupons? With a printable, they let you print 2 usually..... but how do i take advantage of a SS coupon on a bogo deal?



  • toppertopper ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    Most people buy more than 1 Sunday paper to get extra inserts. Some people use coupon clipping services to obtain extra coupons and some get extra inserts from friends, family, coworkers, and/or neighbors. :)
    Fletcher, NC

    The Prime Minister of Couponing from Non-European Britain
  • ahhh, makes sense! Thank you!!!!!
  • Hello and WELCOME!! - I don't use many coupons but get inserts donated by dozens of neighbors where I live and mailed to me by others all over the USA. I send to people in return for a donation to our American Cancer Society where I have a tem set up in Relay for Life to receive the donations. People send me a wish list - Some get coupons every week based on what is in our inserts and what is on sale in their stores. Some just ask once in a while for what they want. One girl usually takes 4 or 5 of the items she wants when the coupons are in the inserts. I watch preview sales and know when the items they want will be on sale. Going to PO now w. envelopes w. coupons from Sunday papers for people in MA, NJ, CO, and UT. They don't get inserts like we get in Florida.

    I HOPE that you find ideas and ways to save here in the forum. if you have ?s - ask me
    [email protected]

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