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Confused on how Publix coupn coupling works

Hi, never used coupons at Publix and before I go in there and stand in line to find out I'm doing it wrong I want to pose 2 scenarios to see if the coupons would work:

This week Country Crock butter is BOGO. There are (2) different manufacturing coupons that can be used $.55/1 and $.75/1. I believe even if it's BOGO you can use each coupon twice (even for the free item), correct? But, I thought you couldn't use (2) manufacturing coupons on items, thought it had to be (1) manufactures coupon and (1) store coupon. So I Heart Publix said this item could be "Free" but in reality it can't be since you can only use (1) of these manufactures coupons.

Second scenario is Spaghetti-O deals.. One manufactures coupon is Buy 3 Get 1 Free and then another manufacture coupon is $.40/1. Would I be able to use the $.4/1 4 times and use the B3G1?



Best Answer


  • When Michelle is listing the items like the country crock scenario above, she lists all available coupons out there. Because some areas get different value coupons. So yes you are correct, you can only use 1 MQ and 1 PQ on 1 item. So just pick the higher value coupon you have.
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