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How to read the weekly sales/super sales?

I looked at the Basics post but I still do not understand it. The coupons that are listed for it, are those the ones you print out and hand in? How does the grocery list work? Why does it allow you to punch in multiple numbers when the weekly sales say different? I'm completely new! New military wife looking to save, please be patient lol :P Thank you in advance.


  • Matchups to ad an can be from multiple sources. Michelle tries to list all the applicable coupons that match to an item. Publix allows one Manufacturer Coupon (Q) and one STORE (PQ) OR Competitor per item, so Michelle's matchups may list several MQs and then a few PQs and competitor's coupons. You may or may not have all the MQs that are listed (Insert Q, Printable, Tearpad, Blinkie, peelie, etc), but you can only use one per item when shopping. If you buy 4 of something, you can use 4 coupons PROVIDED they are off one item and don't have further restrictions on them (most unilever coupons are limit one per transaction). Not everyone has the same competitors... Some have Target, some will have Whole Foods, some will have Food Lion, Kroger, etc.

    I don't understand the "punch in multiple numbers when the weekly sales say different" comment.

    Happy to help, but I need to understand your issue.
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