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Well Ive maid a point to tip the baggers and the cahiers! they love it and help you out so much more.

Ive given coupons to a cashier, a bag of pizzas to a bagger who took my groceries to my car and generally give $1 to anyone who takes my stuff to the car.


  • I think it is a good idea, however since I use to work for Publix - an employee can get fired for taking tips and we should not put their job in jeopardy, just my opinion.

    :) Happy Couponing.......
  • I agree with leopard69... My older brother used to work for publix and he would back away from people when they would try to tip him because he knew they were always watching to make sure their bag boys did not get tipped.  He would say thank you but I cannot accept it and explain to them why. Sucks but I think they would prefer their paycheck then anything else.  They are human beings just like us so talking to them nicely is what many, if not, all look for!

    I always make it a point to thank them a million times for their help.

    Olenka; Davie
  • ll of the baggers/cashiers at my store wear buttons that say "No tipping Please"

  • suboys64suboys64 ✭✭✭

    I pass out coupons,gum,make-up.I generally take my own bags out unless I'm chit chatting w/them and we want to cotinue the conversation. or have an overly large order.Publix employees are not allowed to take tips, but when they find !$1 in my empty cart, it's not their fault.That way I'm not handing it to them.Or even bringing it up.

  • I would love to tip the baggers but I usually take my own bags.  Sometimes if the store is really dead and the weather is super nice, I'll allow them to take my bags out for me so that they can get a little outing.  It might save them from having to clean the dairy case with a toothbrush or something....things I often had to do when I worked in grocery during the dead times.  Ha.

    Most baggers refuse any tips.  I always ask them, "May I tip you?" and they always say "no" except for one kid who did accept a tip.  He ducked down and looked around like I was about to pass him a doobie or something.  I sorta felt bad about it after that and I've made a decision to honor their policy of no tipping even though I consider myself a good tipper.  I'd hate for someone to get in trouble just because I sleep easier at night for tipping.  I could never sleep easy knowing that the couple of bucks I gave some kid wound up costing them their job. 

    It's a conundrum. 

  • I used to be a manager for Publix, and while it is true that there is a no tipping policy, if the customer insisted the front service personell would not get in trouble.
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  • back inthe day when i was a kid we used to hvae to turn in tips! lol! on a sunday
    i would get the $3 needed to get a footlong sub by the time my lunch break happened!

  • dana70: This is good to know.  Some people do INSIST on tipping and see it as an insult if their tip is refused, policy or no policy.  Geez, especially in the South!  This is the land where people say "What do I owe you?" for doing the simplest of kindness unto them.  I can remember my Daddy and his neighbor having a heated back and forth when the neighbor was trying to pay my daddy for something nice he'd done.  The neighbor wound up crumpling up a $20, throwing it in daddy's car window and peeling out.  The same neighbor used to stick the money in us kids' jacket pockets if our parents wouldn't take it.  Ha Ha ha .

    I don't see how anyone could get fired for not refusing a customer's wishes.  I'll still stick to carrying my own groceries, but if I ever ask for help, I will offer a tip.  You made a great point.

  • I used to be a manager for Publix, and while it is true that there is a no tipping policy, if the customer insisted the front service personell would not get in trouble.


    Very good to know!!! Thank you!

    Olenka; Davie
  • I used to work for Publix first as a bagger and then a cashier. I will say that I DID accept tips when people insisted and never got in is okay as long as we are polite about it and accept only when insisted.


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  • Publix was my firs real job in 1970. Our dress code was navy or black polyester slacks with a white button up shirt and navy or black necktie. We were closed on Sundays, I was paid $1.65 per hr. we used real brown paper bags and boxes, we would bag and carry out the customers groceries and then load the groceries in their car for them, tipping was allowed and I would make double my working wage in TIPS. Also we brought back the carts with a smile. Ah the good o'l days when Publix set the bar for the competition with stellar service ,clean stores. I have always shopped at Publix and will continue. I tip the baggers when I see the collecting carts in the parking lot. It's shameful that Publix would set such a policy as no tipping and tell employees they will be fired if caught accepting tips Shame On PUBLIX ! It's my money and if I feel a tip is warranted I will offer one. What is Publix afraid of ? Bring back bagging and carry out service to your store! I'm quite sick of carts cluttering and blocking parking spaces, the cart docks are often empty. Hmm What would it hurt,and also why did Publix implement the no tipping policy and helping customers out with their groceries ?
  • Publix just wants customers to know that having someone take the bags to the car for you is a service that requires no extra payment. I am always asked if I would like them to take my groceries to the car. I always do it myself and take the cart back into the store. I don't understand why people leave the carts in the parking lot. If you are not going to return the properly, just let the employee take it out and in for you. They always offer at my store.
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