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Shameless plug for free & cheap clothes!!


This is another of my plugs to give away referrals for $20. You get $20, and I get $20 for referring you. I love schoola! After Christmas, they sent me a code for $10 and free shipping... for $2.52, I got high-end, gently used shorts, a ruffled tank, and a silk halter. $10 can go a loooong way on schoola! I get my kids all kindsa stuff, and they're picky, brand-conscious teenagers (possibly worse than me!). I'm leaving a link that I *think* will show my orders if you want to see. I honestly can't believe how nice the stuff is that I get for next to nothing!

Anyway, I'd love more $20 credits, so I'm (super shamelessly!) soliciting ;). Give me your email if you'd like one, and I'll send a referral right out. Thanks bunches either way, and happy new year, guys!!


  • Ugh, the image didn't work. Sorry, my skill set is bargain shopping, not technology!
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