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New Publix Grand Opening Sale?

Hi, I'm so excited that Publix will be opening it's first store in Asheville, NC this month. My question is, if anyone knows, do they have a big grand opening sale or special event when they open? Thanks....



  • The special event would be when they will offering some of their product to taste. They also can send Publixcoupon $.. of in the neighborhood,but it really depends on the store. When there was some Walmart store opened, they sent twice $5/20 coupon. I have Walmart Supercenter within 15 minutes walking, but they haven't send even add when they opened store.
  • n77n77 ✭✭✭
    @lisagrahn, you are so fortunate to be getting a Publix in your area! I have been to a couple grand openings (I've also chatted with numerous friends that have chanced upon some too) and have found that each store opening is different. Some will have a several unique (but great) sale items and sometimes they have great manufacture coupons with their product tasting stations.... like luckygirl77 mentioned. I'd watch for the possibility of great tear-pad or hang-tag coupons during a store opening. When I'm in regular stores I see empty spaces where tear-pads used to be present (on the cardboard displays) but you might find them present during grand openings. Have fun!
  • qpongalqpongal ✭✭✭✭
    There will be Vendors representing various popular brand name products in the various aisles.... chat em' up about their brand!! :) I even ask if they have any coupons... even was given A FREE product Q from Sara Lee breads. Most Publix will give away a product of some sort (arnolds sandwich thins comes to mind) on your way out the door and often a single stem carnation. Go early!!!! They have even had zippered insulated shopping bags filled with travel sized goodies at one store opening I went to but limited quantity. Check the pharmacy area as they normally have a small goody bag of some sort to give away as well. Have fun!
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  • tonu42tonu42 ✭✭✭
    Publix has coined the term GO sales. Or Grand Opening sales. Usually they are extremely great discounts. Also they will likely hand out coupon folders to put your receipt in that has coupons for like $X off $X, usually also pretty good. The catch is they are only good at that store starting the week(s) following the grand opening week.
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  • pennywisepennywise ✭✭✭
    I'll be in Asheville for the grand opening. Are BOGO's true or half-price? I doubt they'll be doubling coupons, does anyone know for sure? They are in the Charlotte district, so they'll have the same rules as the Charlotte stores. Thanks in advance.
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  • Thanks for all the great info! I'm so looking forward to it. I lived in Florida for a long time and I miss Publix. So glad to get one here in Asheville.

    I was also wondering about double coupons. In Florida they don't do it but everyone here in Asheville does so I was hoping they'd do that here. Interesting to know they do in Charlotte.
  • tonu42tonu42 ✭✭✭
    @lisagrahn just wanted to see how grand opening was? It was a very hyped up opening even for associates in Florida. If you go in you might be able to snag some coupons good valid next week, and the week after.
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  • I can't go until tomorrow. I was really sick today but I'm still so happy to have Publix!! I hope everyone who did go had a good time! Looking forward to Publix cupcakes and iced tead :)
  • Turns out there was a grand opening in my SIL's neighbor that I missed!!!!
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