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Spring has Sprung

Oh springtime, oh joy.....ha ha and all the cleaning that goes with it.....phew....... I cleaned the screened in front porch. I used my Scrubbing Bubbles fantastic spray with bleach to give it a good scrub down and then beat the dicken's out of the rugs and sweep up all that nasty yellow pollen. I haven't mopped yet...waiting for the pollen to finish first...Do you have a "favorite" springtime ritual? Please share it with us and get the chatter going in here again....


  • jojo ✭✭✭
    Washing windows...ugh! Hubby takes all the screens out and washes them, then the windows outside. I get to do the inside, yay (NOT!). I guess it wouldn't be so bad except these windows are 6 over 6 divided panes and they are a PAIN in the you-know-what! We usually do it again in the fall, so it carries us thru the winter, but oh my...what a job!
    Jo - NW mATL Acworth, GA
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  • I HATE CLEANING! My favorite thing to do spring cleaning is to purge, purge, purge! We are in the midst of a whole house remodel (not an easy thing to live in) so right now I spend every day dusting and sweeping and cursing!

    Maybe I'll be in a better mood for next spring B-)
  • I think my favorite springtime thing is also the getting rid of stuff. None of my kids have birthdays in the spring, so the purging doesn't immediately get replaced by more stuff.

    But also... I actually enjoy mowing the lawn in the spring. It's a nice little break from the routine. I would enjoy it in the summer and "fall" too, but it's too hot then.
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