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Summer storms rebate

I don't know what this is? I see some products listed as eligible for this rebate. Does anyone know where I can find more information on this?


  • The rebate forms will be in the stores on a free-standing cardboard display that holds some of the eligible items (like the Handy Pack puddings). In the past, there has also been a tearpad sheet of Publix coupons on the display that match some of the qualifying items.

    The qualifying items and coupons are not the same every year (last year, sadly, there was no matching peanut butter coupon), so we have to wait for the forms and coupon sheets to show up to know the details of the 2014 rebate.

    ConAgra also, as of last year, stopped counting the "free" item in a BOGO toward the minimum, so that is another reason to wait for the details.

    Target, Winn Dixie
    True BOGO, No Doubles

  • ok, thanks for the info
  • renearenea ✭✭✭
    My mom received both Con Agra rebates that I sent to her addy today. I am still awaiting the two to my addy! ;)
    Tampa Bay (area), FL
    ISO: Dr. Pepper Q's (Pepsi Product here) :)
  • Thanks for the h/u. I haven't gotten around to even submitting mine yet.
    New to ibotta?
  • kloriklori ✭✭✭
    got mine yesterday. waiting on daughter's now.
    Retired to coupon in Riverview! Feedback:
  • I can't find the 20.00 rebate for Publix'sOld Spice/GilletteOlayetc. 8.14.14?
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