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Raincheck Redemption & Coupon Use Policy

maureenlmaureenl admin
edited June 2014 in Discussions & Questions
I forgot to mention something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I redeemed a raincheck for the BOGO Dentastix. The cashier saw that I had coupons attached to the raincheck and called over the customer service manager on duty. As we waited for the manager to walk over, I pointed out that the coupons had not expired, and the cashier said the store has a new rule in place requiring a manager to clear all coupons being used on a raincheck to make sure those coupons were available at the time the raincheck was issued. I would not have been allowed to use any coupons that had only become available after the date of the raincheck.

ETA - I doubt the managers are going to be able to keep track of every coupon out there and when each one first became available (especially manufacturer coupons), so I think the new policy at that store is likely to be focused on preventing double-dipping with Publix store coupons. In other words, they don't want people cashing in a BOGO sale raincheck written on June 10 and also using a Publix coupon for that item that was not available until June 25.

Target, Winn Dixie
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  • kloriklori ✭✭✭
    edited June 2014
    You mean people have tried doing this? omg!
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  • johnejohne ✭✭✭
    edited June 2014
    This seems a bit ridiculous. I wonder if they would allow you to use a raincheck redemption as part of the $50 purchase requirement for the gas card? They would not allow someone to use a coupon that is currently good? Where is that written in the coupon policy? I do understand why they would do this. It just does not seem like it would be too hard to change the wording on line if they wanted this to be the case. Seems like just another store making up rules as they go. I know that many people on this forum have done this and I, for one, have done so as well and never had a problem. I am pretty sure that I have asked Customer Service about this before as well. It is my viewpoint that if a coupon is good-it does not matter if your are getting it at a reduced price or not(unless the coupon specifically excludes it-which some do). I will ask Customer Service the next time this situation comes up for me.
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  • If they're getting reimbursed for the coupon...why do they care?! I can understand the concern with publix coupons, as they probably time those coupons so they don't have a store coupon out at the same time as a sale (unless intended)
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