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Dole Fresh Guacamole and Old El Paso frozen burrito

I tried both of these products for the first time today and they are absolutely delicious. I recommend both. And I am really picky about mexican food. YUM


  • qrowanqrowan ✭✭✭
    Which fresh guacamole did you try? I picked up a Baja that I haven't tried yet, but the Pico de Gallo worked rather nicely on the Old El Paso Frozen (Meal for Two) Chicken Quesodillas. :) I'd recommend both, but no way would I ever pay more than the $2.50 I did per box of 4 items. $8 regular price seems downright extortion, lol... until you compare it to restaurant prices. Still wouldn't pay it though. Couponing has ruined me. :))
  • I tried the fresh one. Delicious.
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