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Various Things With New Forum

I know everyone has a bunch of questions about the new forum and folks are a bit confused. I can't answer everything but I have been trying to reply if I do know the answer.

I am hoping the final import will be done soon. Once that is done I will kill the Lefora forum. I will make an official announcement on I Heart Publix once that happens.

A couple of things…

First, I know most folks don't like change. It takes work to get used to something different. I will try as hard as I can to make this an easy transition. I am well aware that some folks will hate it while others will love the change. I learned LONG ago that there is no way to make everyone happy.

You are always welcome to send me your thought and a wish list but please understand some things are out of my control. I will always try my best to fix any issues.

I now pay for this forum to be here on the site. That offers a few perks but also comes with some limitations. The perk is that I now have some support. When things go wrong or I need to make modifications I have someone that I can ask and they will respond.

Because the forum is now on my site I am going to be a little more particular about the going ons here. I have a little plugin that I am going to activate that will make sure that no extreme foul language is used. You guys all see that I have the ads in my sidebar. To make sure I follow the rules to keep those ads, I have to be careful about what is on my site…and now on the forum.

On that same wavelength…I am going to monitor links in the posts. I will edit them if needed. Please understand there are many reasons for this including trying to keep out the spam, good SEO and the like. Understand that I spend a whole lot of times on my sites and do not want this forum to be a vehicle to send traffic to other sites. I can not control the content on other sites and often it's a conflict of interest for me/my site(s). While this may not be welcomed with open arms, it is necessary. I will not go into all the details but if you have specific questions about links please email me.

I would also request that folks be kind to each other here on the forum. This is meant to be a place for like minded folks to connect…not a place for drama.

I have seen lots of activity already here on the forum and can't wait until it's all finished.


  • renearenea ✭✭✭
    Thanks so much again Michelle for giving us this forum at your own expense at that...I greatly appreciate it and all your efforts to keep a happy, helpful forum and all the work you have put into it. I love it and I am so excited to see it in full strength once everything is done. I already feel better connected and I am starting to see so much more activity than we had within Lefora since its change. I also love its ease of use. Again thanks for everything!:)
    Tampa Bay (area), FL
    ISO: Dr. Pepper Q's (Pepsi Product here) :)
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