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How are sales ?? Just left your parking lot (only a couple of cars) and your store ( few customers)

Looks like your efforts to chase off loyal senior customers on Wednesday is also impacting other days.. If you don't attract seniors on Wednesdays what makes you think we will shop there on other days ? Duh?


  • I have left Publix for over a year after their vast changes in couponing. I am still catching up to speed on what is available. I am an extreme couponer who the cashiers actually like! I am highly organized, have my merchandise in order and never try to "pull as fast one" as I have so often seen. I feel that I am welcome but I was weeded out along with a lot of other more "undesirable" people. In the long-run I think it has certainly taken a lot of customers and potential customers away because every time I am in the store recently it is very open and there are certainly fewer actual customers in the actual store.
  • danyelndanyeln ✭✭✭
    My store is consistently busy. But then again I am not sure there were loads of couponers there to begin with.
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