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What do you do for Halloween?

Just curious to know what everyone does for Halloween. Do you decorate your house and yard? Do you give out treats on Halloween night? Do you have a Halloween Party or go to one? As for me, I always buy some candy. I may or may not get any trick or treaters but living on a street where their are kids, sometimes I do. I put a plastic glow pumpkin on my front porch and turn on the outside light to light up the front yard so no one trips. I like seeing the little ones in their costumes.


  • maureenlmaureenl admin
    edited October 2017
    I haven't had a trick-or-treater for at least five years. There are plenty of kids nearby, but all the local churches participate in something called "Trunk or Treat." People register for a space in the parking lots of participating churches. On Halloween, they dress up and decorate their cars (just the trunk part) to hand out candy. Parents show up with their kids for trick-or-treating. It's safe because people have to register to participate, and it keeps the kids off the streets. Kids get around 100 pieces of candy just at one church.

    I buy candy and donate to my church's food pantry since I don't participate. Any kids coming into the pantry with their parents during October get to choose a piece or two.

    Otherwise, I put a ceramic jack-o-lantern (that a friend made for me many years ago) in the bay window for a week or so before Halloween.

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