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ISO - How to cope with AJC dropping Red Plum (and still save money)

Hello fellow couponers, I just found out that the AJC (the Atlanta newspaper) has decided to drop the Red Plum coupons. Apparently some of the coupons are available online from the AJC site, but that means double money since I have to pay for both Sunday newspaper and massive printer ink. This may have been covered and I missed it in my search, but how is everyone else coping? Is there a legitimate site where I could purchase all Sunday coupons since it's my local newspaper is probably going to drop all of them soon? I don't want to have to spend more money than it's worth to get the coupons. I've started to do the online coupons at publix, but it feels like just when I need to save money, there's starting to be no help to be able to coupon.
Shopping to get ahead
Metro ATL


  • Hi -
    I get inserts and some magazines and non inserts (blinkies, tearpads) donated to me by people in my retirement complex of about 250 dwellings ( I get about 30 inserts here - Then I get MORE donated at the local Y and other places (my former residence community and in the mails from people in 7 states). All do this for our American Cancer Society. I JUST got a letter from ACS thanking me for donating $2,500 to our 2017 Relay for Life which is ending this week. A NEW RELAY site will open after Labor Day. If you want coupons in ret. for YOUR donation to our ACS LMK and I will send info
    [email protected]
    (NOTE -I will be OO Town Fri 8/24 thru Tues 8/28 this week and Busy a good part of Thurs getting ready)
    ACS Volunteer since 1982.
  • The AJC did not drop the inserts.

    Valassis, the company that places Red Plum and P&G inserts into Sunday newspapers, has been pulling Sunday inserts out of areas where they identified large-scale coupon insert theft from warehouses and distribution facilities. The stolen inserts later appeared for sale on coupon clipper websites.

    Tampa lost the inserts in 2014. Los Angeles lost them last year. Detroit and Phoenix lost them earlier this year. Atlanta just lost them. More newspapers will be losing them going forward.

    Target, Winn Dixie
    True BOGO, No Doubles

  • I really need suggestions on how to cope with the loss of the coupons. Isn't anyone else having problems or am I the only one who really need the savings from the coupons?
    Shopping to get ahead
    Metro ATL
  • Hi,
    Here they have long ago taken the Red Plums out of the newspaper here, but they deliver one in the U.S. mail. Of course, we usually need at least two! See if you can find a friend or neighbor who doesn't coupon who might be willing to save them for you or trade you for something. You might also find someone in this forum to trade coupons with. Also check out Wizclips, a coupon clipping service.
    Good Luck!
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