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Tide/Gain 4/30 P&G

Trades Only Coupons for Coupons....thanks
Looking for a few sets of each. I have coupons galore current and past. My area got the P&G but only the link to print with pic was in the insert...what a waste. Let me know what you need even if you don't have my request.


  • most of us are getting those Angela - My friend in NY who donates coupons was getting the actual coupons till this month and now is getting the same as us. Looks like the whole nation will soon have to do the same. Good luck in your hunt. I have lots of other good coupons in the 4/30 inserts.

  • angelamk00angelamk00 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the response. I have coupons galore for 4/30 and previous months.
  • Glad that you have the others Angela - Hope that you find the Tide/Gains
    Best, Linda
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