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ISO: Dannon Greek Oikos $1 off 5 single from 4/9/17RP

i have many other coupons to trade. Thanks


  • This coupon is from the 4/9/17 SS not the RP. sorry for the confusion. Please let me know if anyone has and can trade today. Thank you.
  • Too late to mail today - I can mail Dannon Greek Oikos $1 off 5 single from 4/9/17SS TUES AM from Weston FL. (near Ft. Lauderdale) - How many do you need? Do you have Boxtops for Ed to trade? Or else OM Me re trade
    [email protected] -
  • yes that would be great and i have boxtops for you. I sent you a message on her. Let me know if you got it.
  • edited April 2017
    Beth - I can send 6 coupons for box tops = Don't need other coupons. I WILL mail the dannon coupons tomorrow morning. I see that I sent these coupons to you in the past - Are you still at
    NW 122 Dr
    I have that address.
    Will send an add label w. the coupons.

    I Also noted that you have Formula checks - Will take those or BTFED - It is ALL for our AMERICAN CANCER SOC. Weston RELAY FOR LIFE. I have $1,200 there since last OCT ($600 is straight donations - most my BD presents that I asked family to send there). MY present will be if I live long enough to see all cancers cured. (I am 77 now).

  • yes you have my address. that would be great. I will send you box tops, dont have any formula checks at the moment. Thanks
  • OK - in the mail Tues AM. with ret add label to me. Wait till you get my env to send Boxtops. Linda
  • thanks!
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