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Olay duo deal today only

Great deal at target today- with the $5 giftcard wyb $20 in personal care! Here's what I did:
2x Olay body scrub duo (those new things with Olay inside the body scrubber) @ $9.99 each
3x vaseline lip care from valentines (fluke that I found it- some reason it was randomly sitting on a shelf- I told them the 90% clearance price was $0.34 each, they decided to give me all 3 for $0.30 as long as I said I wouldn't return them!!) = 20.28
- $5 giftcard (target ad)
-2x $1/1 target coupon hangtag for the Olay duo
-30% cartwheel for Olay duo (expires today!!)
-2x $2/1 MQ Olay duo
-$0.05 reusable bag credit
+6% tax

** if you're interested in the Olay, but don't come upon the fluke of rand Vday lip care, check the end caps for clearance or find a small value makeup item that has a coupon like the wet n wild eyeliner or eyeshadow for $0.94 that has a $0.50 coupon from the inserts :)
You could also do something like 3 maybelline mascara a @ $4.49 each and 1 Olay duo to pay $3.46 total before tax after the coupons and cartwheel mentioned above and 3 of the $3/1 maybelline mascara from
Hope this helps someone :)
ISO: Lindt coupons, Gatorade coupons, Pepsi coupons
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