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ISO: Snickers Ice Cream bars PQ

Looking either for the blinkies or the printable.


  • Hi Shelly

    FIRST - Happy Thanksgiving to you and anyone else who see this. I went to bed at 9 last night and just got up to clean up and get ready for company this aft.

    I HAVE many of the $1.50 off (1) SNICKERS Ice Cream Bars 12-pk. Blinkie - EXP DEC 4th, Have your add also from a prior trade and can mail tomorrow. Will send ONE for EACH (2) Boxtops for Ed. to you and anyone else who want them for the sale. I notice that PUBLIX puts items on sale JUST AS THE COUPONS and BLINKIES Expire now.
    LMK how many you want here or in my email
  • Hello Shelly my name is Magda and I like to get some of this coupons I need 5 coupons .I will send you 10 box tops please send me address .Thanks
  • Majka - I sent these coupons to Shelley last week.
    Snickers $1.50/1 Ice Cream Bar 12 pk.
    They exp DEC 4th. Can you use expired or do you have a rain check for them??
    If you can use send me address in EMAIL and I will send to you for BTFED
  • Yes I got rain checks
  • Thank you for trade for the Snickers ice cream blinkies Majka. I got the env. from you w. BTFEd this afternoon. I can't find feedback link for you - LMK where it is and I will leave FB.
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