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90% clearance over at target stores?!?!?!?

kariandolafkariandolaf ✭✭✭
edited November 2016 in Discussions & Questions
So this morning I was at target and the employees put out a ton of 90% off signs (aside from food at 70%)... I wanted to make sure they would ring up correctly as they had been 70 at store open 20 minutes earlier (although I assumed maybe they forgot to the night before as it was 50/70 on the signs and when I scanned food it was at 70).
ANYWAYS, the costumes, decor, etc was scanning at 70% off, so I asked an employee why they weren't ringing up correctly- they said that they would honor the 90 (of course per contract law) and called a manager. The manager was pissed about the signage and I overheard him talking with a couple of employees saying that they no longer go to 90 and after 70 they "send it to salvage" (which I assume is code for destroy it and throw it out- which is just so wasteful IMHO).... They went to 90 with the school stuff, so I was surprised to hear this...

SO, Just wondering if you all are seeing 90% off (since most of you live in different states) or if target now has a policy to no longer go below 70%?
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  • apparently whatever this manager was saying isn't true... went to target and they had everything marked down
    ISO: Lindt coupons, Gatorade coupons, Pepsi coupons
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