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Great Deal on Sheba Perfect Portions

There is a buy2/get1 Sheba coupon in the purple advantage flyer. There is a buy5/get5 in this week's Red Plum.
Somebody please confirm my figuring, but I think if you buy 10 Sheba and use 1 Red Plum coupon and 3 Publix
coupons, you will pay for 2 and get 8 free!


  • jojo ✭✭✭
    edited September 2016
    You are 10, pay for 2, get 8 free! Just hope I see that B5G5 coupon in my Redplum insert this weekend.
    Jo - NW mATL Acworth, GA
    Trade Feedback:
  • Thank you, Jo. The deal is so good that I actually bought extra coupons on a clipping site. My cat goes through it like he's not going to eat tomorrow! lol. Unfortunately, I live in an area where we only can get one Red Plum.
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