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I need help with the math on how to use the Idahoan coupons

I printed out the coupons for Buy 3 get one free Idahoan instant mashed potatoes. I live in FL, true BOGO country and the new ad has he Idahoan as BOGO for 1.33) I would like to buy 12 packages. How does the coupon adjust? what is the price and amount I will have to pay. Any help would be appreciated.


  • If you buy 12 at BOGO for 1.33 it is a total of $7.98 - For each THREE you will save 66 1/2 cents - I do not know if they take that as .66 or .67 each. or the actual .66 1/2 cents. So you will pay a total of $5.30 to $5.34 for 12

    I am Linda ALSO and live in Florida too (Weston). Happy shopping.
  • This is the way the cashiers at my Publix would do:
    1) Buy12 at BOGO for 1.33, the total is $7.98
    2) Since coupon says Buy 3 get one free, you can use 3 coupons for this deal, so cashier will scan 3 coupons, which each coupon will take 1.33 off.
    3) The amount you will pay for 12 at Bogo will be: 7.98 - 3 x 1.33 = 3.99

    Hope this help.
  • gomerswifegomerswife ✭✭✭
    Thank you for your help. I think it is going to be the $3.99 price because of it being in true BOGO country.....Florida......Thank you Linda also......I am in Gainesville. : ) :smile:
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