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Enjoy the City

Anyone know if the Enjoy the City books are available this year? I'm having trouble finding them and they were such a money saver last year. Help if you can!!


  • I would also like to know when the great deals are going to come out like last year.
  • maureenlmaureenl admin
    edited February 2016
    Winn Dixie did not renew their contract for the $5/$30 and $5/$50 coupons beyond December 2014, so those coupons have not been available for over a year. That is when I stopped paying attention because those were the only coupons I could use at Publix.

    Some of the Enjoy the City books contained $5/$30 Fresh Market coupons (there are not many Fresh Markets around, however, and many of the Fresh Market coupons are/were for very specific stores). I know some people who had been using Fresh Market coupons at their Publix stores don't have them any more because the ones they could use all expired and they aren't able to get more.

    Michelle (the woman who owns this website) has not posted a deal for Enjoy the City books for a long time.

    According to the Enjoy the City Facebook page, you can purchase Enjoy the City books at this website:

    However, I don't see any Enjoy the City books, and all the books for sale on that website are $20 each.

    Target, Winn Dixie
    True BOGO, No Doubles

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