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Kids' (and parents!) clothes at

A few weeks ago, one of the links about Friday savings (from led me to The link gave me a $15 credit AND I got another $10 credit for making a "collection" AND free shipping! It was a blast picking out $25 worth of stuff... I got a tee shirt and cargo pants for for my daughter, and gym shorts, cargo shorts, and a tee for my son, for $2.84 out of pocket. So fun! Schoola has gently used stuff like you'd find at the consignment store. My kids are 12 and 15, so they're very brand-name conscious: it was all American Eagle, Hollister, and Gap stuff.

Anyway, I get a $20 credit for referrals, so please send me your email if you're interested: you get a $20 credit, too! They have all kindsa stuff, even womens' clothes, Loft, White House Black Market, etc, so I wouldn't mind getting a few bargain items for myself ;)
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