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Zaycon Orders

I placed my first Zaycon earlier this month. I just received an email stating that the order will not be here until August 7th instead of July 9th. Is this a common occurence? They make us pay when the item is ordered and then push back the delivery date for a month later. Seems almost like some kind of fraud.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this, as I said this is the first time I have ever ordered from them


  • I have ordered from Zaycon many many times and absolutely love their products. I have had this happen to me one time and it had something to do with the availability of the chicken at the time. They are not fraudulent at all and I think if you will research them you will see that most people are very pleased with them. When you pick up an order and it is 38.50 you will instantly receive a credit for the pound and half you were short. Did they give a reason why the order was being delayed?
  • beachmombeachmom ✭✭✭
    I've ordered from Zaycon several times. I find the quality of their products terrible. After the last fiasco, where I was left sitting, waiting for the truck to arrive in a hot parking lot, I will NEVER purchase from them again. The delivery was delayed by a day and I received no notice from them. Fortunately, I had my phone and a copy of the receipt and after waiting half an hour, I got ahold of their customer service. I find I can get much better quality locally for less by just watching sales and stocking up. Their prices aren't that remarkable any more.
  • I didn't like their chicken at all. I found it to be very tough. Their packaging left a lot to be desired too. The chicken came in a box with a large plastic bag inside filled with smaller plastic bags of chicken. Nothing was sealed, it was all open. Most of the bags contained only a few breast with a few full bags. Most of the breasts still had the skin on and a lot of fat, so it took me a long time to process. In their defense, after I complained, they did credit me for the missing chicken and their website does say the chicken will come with some fat still on. All in all buying from Zaycon was definitely not worth it.
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