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what happened to this category?

Not many posts anymore who's buying what and where this week?


  • There isn't any activity in the Publix Deals portion either. It seems that now that the $5 off $Y Qs are gone, no one takes the effort to post what they bought. I never had the $5 off $30 (no Winn-Dixie) but I still shop there.

    Forum seems to be turning into a trading only forum IMO.
    aka tn_native == AL/TN border with 50¢ Doubles (for now) and Half price BOGOs
  • maiaayamaiaaya ✭✭✭
    I've really cut back on how much I shop at Publix now that the WD coupons are gone. There have been many weeks I haven't purchased anything at all there. We get our meat from Zaycon and I buy produce from Aldi. We are so well-stocked on non-perishables that there's not a whole lot I need each week.

    I do plan to go to Publix this weekend though to take advantage of the gas card deal!
  • I last posted the end of March and I was the only one who did. I also enjoyed seeing what others bought even if they didn't think that their deals were fantastic. The loss of the WD q's has put a bit of a damper on my buying but at least I don't have to feel like I have to get my total to a certain amount to use them and that was happening alot it seems... I would like to see others post their totals too. It does seem like since Happy is no longer here we have dwindled down to a near trade forum, but it doesn't have to be that way if everyone would try to come up with something to keep the conversations going. : )
  • Yes my publix shopping has decreased significantly and honestly my use of the forum bc it seems all it is is trading or selling these days. I miss our old brags and hints. Even in the other section with what deals wd or cvs had that you couldn't pass up.
    I too have been in a coupon rut... being in florida no doubles. No redplum. It's almost depressing but I will try to post what shop for more often. Let's get the moral of this place back up!
  • beachmombeachmom ✭✭✭
    Yea...FB really is siphoning off the folks who want to post their shops. I never did because I never thought mine were good enough. I consider myself fortunate if I hit the 50% mark any more and I don't think I'm in the league with the big-timers. I don't cherry-pick at a bunch of different stores. I'm not a super-shopper...hate it in fact, so if I HAVE to go, I get it all done at Publix...that tends to knock down my percentages when I'm buying everything else at regular Publix prices.
  • danyelndanyeln ✭✭✭
    I'm like Beachmom, I never shared deals because I didn't feel my savings were al that great. I am a lazy shopper and also an impulse shopper (jalapeno cheddar bread from the bakery made it into my cart today) so my totals are totally not impressive. I have fallen behind on all my internet activities lately, I think the warmer weather is dragging people outside and they are leaving their keyboards behind.
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