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Forum Help - Keeping Everything Tidy & As Spam Free As Possible

Hi guys!

I know we all miss Happy :-(

Since Happy's recovery looks like it will take some time...I don't want to leave you guys hanging. So, I am hoping that you guys might be able to help me a bit. I am afraid I just don't have much time left in the day to add more to my I am hoping that you guys might be able to help me keep the forum tidy.

If you guys can flag any spam comments for me then I can jump in and kill/ban every few days. Please make sure they are spam as I do a bulk "kill/ban" and don't want to ban anyone by accident.

I am not sure how much "moderation" that is needed here but Maureen has volunteered to help out (THANK YOU!!)
Of course you guys can email me if needed.

Thanks you guys!!

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