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Instacart - Costco & Whole Foods grocery delivery - just placed first order, anyone else tried it?

I just placed my first order with It's a grocery delivery service - you can order from a selection of local retailers like Whole Foods and Costco and Kroger (in my area) and they deliver. Their prices are slightly higher than in store and there is a small delivery fee, but it seems worth it for when you can't get to the store. Plus I found a $10 off your first order coupon, and delivery is free for your first order. So my order was cheaper than if I had gone myself! I will report back on how it turn out, but I am excited to try it. They also gave me a code to share where if you make your first order thru this link it takes $10 off, and I get $5 off my next order. So if you want to try it here's a way to get $10 off your first.


  • It was great! The website gives you updates and I got a text when the driver was on the way. It was also delivered in their reusable bags which was a nice touch. Definitely recommend it.
  • Just wanted to share again how great this is. I even used it while on a trip out of town. My mom was babysitting for us for the week and to make it easy on her I ordered several things on my phone and easy peasy she had groceries without leaving the house! So great! They often send emails with free delivery if you buy x amount of this or that too. Try it!
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