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Are coupons from legitimate?

Somehow I haven't seen Smart Source Insert in my Sunday papers for about 4 weeks. Wonder if they don't give Smart Source Insert in Naples, Florida anymore or just someone got them for themselves. I didn't care much about that until yesterday I saw Sunday paper coupon preview, there is Don Francisco's coffee coupon in there, that my family loves very much. So today I try to look for that coupon online with hope find a chance to print it somewhere and I found this website:

Since I am only know about coupon for about 4 months, and mostly use $5/30 Fresh Market coupon, Publix coupons from their Advantage Buy flyres and buy Sunday papers if I see some coupons that I need, so this website makes me hesitate. It looks so real with all the Smart Source Insert digital version in it, but I don't know if it is legitimate or not? I always afraid if I use the wrong coupons that could make trouble for me when check out.
So please tell me if the coupons from this website are good to print and use
Thank you very much.

Best Answers

  • jojo ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    If you can use a couple more of those Don Francisco coffee coupons, pm me with your mailing address and I'll send you the 2 that I printed. No trade necessary, I just won't use them myself. Oddly enough, that one was not included in my SS insert this week.
    Jo - NW mATL Acworth, GA
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  • Jo, thank you very much.
    I will print it and go to get some favorite coffee:))
  • Hi Jo, you are so kind to offer me this. But I think I got enough already.
    I printed 2 from home and sent the link to my husband and he got 2 more coupons, so we have enough to get 8 cans of coffee:)).
    Again, thanks a lot for your help:)
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