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Publix New Store Policy

So... I was in Publix last night making my $30 purchase for the P&G cookware rebate. The cashier that checked me out told me something interesting. (I am very familiar with this particular cashier as she is always friendly and if I make a mistake she doesn't automatically assume I'm trying to cheat Publix out of $0.50). She stated that she really wouldn't be surprised if Publix, all together, reversed the new policy changes, at least until they come up with a better guidelines, because it is wrecking havoc on the cashiers as well as the managers.

She said the CSM/SM is really pushing for things to go back the way they were. The main problem is that they have to get a large number of overrides now, since the registers were updated to "reflect" the policy . Half the time, it slows up the process; they either have to search for a manager or wait for the manager to leave one register to come to theirs.

Besides that, the store, along with corporate are getting an unusually large amount of complaints about how this has created a huge gray area that is not only non-coupon friendly but down right ugly! (They are receiving more than they anticipated would come with this new change.).

So "hats off" to any and everyone who called Corporate to complain or politely walked out. Your voices may not have fallen on deaf ears. Keep it up and we may just get results.

Now on a side note, I had a cashier, in another city, tell me that 4 cashiers had just recently been fired in relation to the new coupon policy. She didn't go into the specific details of the incident however, she talked around it. She all but said 3 were fired on the basis of " max of 8 like coupons" and the other was fired because of the "one $/$$ off per day, per household". yikes! :-O


  • claudiaclaudia ✭✭✭
    I hate that cashiers were fired because of this policy change. From what I have seen the training was inadequate & spotty (at least in my local store). And I definitely called & will not hesitate to do so again.
  • I shopped this weekend for a $30 order that included four bottles of Mott's. My total was just over $30 and after tax was about $31.50.

    I handed over my coupons with the MQs and SQs separated as I always do, and after the cashier looked at the store Qs (one WD $5/$30, two $0.75/1 BMHaH Lipton PQ printables, and one B3G1 Mott's from the GAB), she told me that with the new policy, she would only be able to take either the Publix Mott's coupon or the WD $5/$30, but she couldn't take both with the new policy because I am only able to use one store coupon and one competitor coupon per day. I said (politely), "That's okay, I'll take the WD back."

    She looked to be about high school age. Plus, she wasn't with it enough to notice that the two Lipton Qs were also Publix coupons. She rang up the order, and I thanked her sincerely before rolling straight to the CS desk to explain what happened. I got my $5 and an apology.

    As I drove home, I thought she must have been told that the $10/$50 Visa/Mastercard coupon in the HAB flyer can't be stacked with a competitor's $/$$ coupon, and she mistakenly believed that ANY coupon from the AB flyers should be treated the same way.

    I was a teen-aged cashier once, so I took it in stride, and I know she got a crash course in the coupon policy before she left for the night.

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  • allysia17allysia17
    edited October 2014
    I had the similar situation before the change, in which the cashier would not take the coupon because I did not meet the $30 after all other coupons, and I did the exact same thing.
    Great minds think alike :D
  • It's awful that cashiers are being fired over this. If they made an error, I feel like they should have been given a warning and some better training, not a pink slip. :(

    I'm glad some of the changes are being clarified, and I am finding more shelves stocked than previously, but I agree that the cashiers need to be better trained. That and they need to figure out what exactly qualifies as "erroneously printed" so as to avoid all the issues people are having trying to redeem perfectly legit coupons that do not have size requirements.
  • I believe that the current limitation of 8 like products policy is insufficient in recognizing the needs of the consumer and their families. A mother with a young baby or two may want to get forty or fifty jars of baby food for a week or two. I just adopted a tiny abandoned puppy and it eats like there is no tomorrow and uses more than 8 of those tiny food containers a week.

    The negative emotional impact on the consumer will be noted by their bottom line. Money does talk. I was recently told that the profit margin for Publix is higher than other like stores in this area. I certainly feel that the number of rapid changes is not well thought out and certainly the fear of being fired is not in the best interest of keeping their most precious commodity which is their employees.

    Employee retention should also be addressed when making such global changes and they would do well to note that a more humanistic and empathetic approach would make them a better corporation by and large. People may have to work for a living but they also stay someplace because it is their "work family" and they are appreciated. Managers who would fire an individual(s) so soon after a new global implementation is enacted are not astute nor do they advocate for the overall success of Publix.
  • The local Huntsville stores have always had a limit of 10 items (including ALL flavors/varieties). It just means you hit the store more days (once Thursday, once Saturday, etc).
    When the easiest combo is 12 for a stacking scenario with coupons like Sheba in the past, we could buy 10... not 12. It was cheaper to buy in groups of 6.
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