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Tallahassee Fresh Market competitor coupons question

In the new Enjoy the City books, there are $5/$30 Fresh Market qs. My Publix takes them as competitor qs. My question is on the back of the qs are locations listed, and Tallahassee isn't one of them. Can I still use these at Publix? I'm wanting to buy 15 books for $15, but I don't want my qs to be nixed at the register.

Anyone want to help weigh in on this? Thanks!


  • maureenlmaureenl admin
    edited October 2014
    I don't have a FM nearby, but it's YMMV situation.

    There is a Publix in Orlando that takes FM and will take the FM coupons from the EtC books even though the locations on the back of the coupon are all in the Miami area.

    On the other hand, some Publix stores in other areas of Florida that take FM coupons won't take the $/$$ from EtC because the local FM is not one of the locations listed on the coupon.

    ETA - Maybe someone who already has the FM coupons from EtC will send you a couple so you can show the stores the actual coupon.

    Target, Winn Dixie
    True BOGO, No Doubles

  • Thanks Maureen. :) Anyone else have an opinion on this? I have until the 31st to order the books at the discounted price. I might take a screen shot of the qs and talk to my Publix too.
  • claudiaclaudia ✭✭✭
    I live in NW Florida (near Fort Walton Beach). My local Fresh Market (in Destin) takes the coupons even though their location is not listed on the back and the Publix less than half a mile away takes the Fresh Market coupon as a competitor coupon,

    I would ask.

  • Thanks, Claudia. :)
  • @Claudia - that's amazing to hear. My Publix stores here in central Florida won't take them, but I'd LOVE to use them at The Fresh Market. Will definitely try after hearing your experience.

    @Eienmomo - Let me know if you'd like a couple. Would be happy to send you some if you'd like to show your stores/try it out. :)
  • So I've been pondering more on my question and have about 90% decided to just go ahead and buy the books. It's only $15, so not a fortune. My Publix states that Fresh Market is a competitor, so I'm thinking that the locations where *Fresh Market* accepts the coupons wouldn't matter because I'm going to be using them at my *Publix.* Right, maybe? That's my way of thinking.

    @dealsham - Thanks, but I'm going to take my chances on just buying them. You're very kind to offer up a couple trial coupons, but I'm worried that I won't be able to get the sale price on the books if I wait to test them out. *Fingers crossed!* :)
  • Worst case scenario: if your stores won't take them, you can always trade them for other qs!
  • @crazedmommyof3-- That's what I was hoping! ;-) Surely someone would be able to use them if I can not.
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