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Question regarding coupons with no sizes listed

I have been told (at my local Publix(es) that I can't use or I will be given a hard time using the Target $2 off Purina One Dog or Cat food coupon as it does not have the size listed.

This deal is on the I Heart Publix site today and I was wondering if anyone has been able to use those coupons and/or gotten clarification from corporate regarding coupons without sizes listed. There is nothing smaller than 3.5 lbs for the cat food that is currently on sale so it is not like it could be an exciting money maker (just really reasonable priced for cat food).

"If you have a pup, you may want to grab this new Purina One coupon that is available this afternoon. Purina One dog food will be on sale in our upcoming Publix ad and there is a matching Target coupon too. You’ll pay less than $1 per pound of dog food after both coupons!

$2.25/1 Purina One Smartblend Dog Food any size
Purina One Dog Food, Assorted Varieties, 8 lb, $11.99
-$2.25/1 Purina One Smartblend Dog Food any size
-$1/1 Purina One Dry Cat Food, 08/03/14 RP (exp 11/3/14)
-$2/1 Purina One Dry Dog or Cat Food Target Coupon, 09/28 SS (exp 11/8)
-B1G2 Purina Mighty Dog, (2) cans FREE WYB (1) Purina One Brand Dog Food, 8 Lb. Bag – valid up to $1.58 Peelie
Pay just $7.74 per bag after printable coupon and Target coupon!"



  • maureenlmaureenl admin
    edited October 2014
    The coupon policy as written allows any manager to reject that Target coupon.

    When Michelle's match-ups list a competitor coupon, it is understood that the deal will only be available to people who can use the competitor coupon. I would not regard the inclusion of that coupon in her deal scenario as any kind of proof that a store listing Target as a competitor is required to accept it.

    A lot of Target coupons, including the recent Classico coupon, have no size restrictions. I was able to use the Classico coupon, but some people were not allowed to use it because of the absence of size information, and corporate stood behind the managers who refused it.

    This is definitely a YMMV situation and not one that corporate will resolve for you.

    Target, Winn Dixie
    True BOGO, No Doubles

  • claudiaclaudia ✭✭✭
    Thanks @maureenl :)

    I really find it frustrating that you get a different answer from each cashier or CS person in a store.

    I know the new policy was put in place for more consistency, but it has made it even more complicated to sop with coupons & I don't know if it will get less complicated any time soon.
  • I was able to use the Classico and Purina cat food Target coupons at my Publix.
  • claudiaclaudia ✭✭✭
    Thanks @lindaw :) Glad you were able to use both of them

    The way I see it if there is not a sample or mini size of a product then the coupons should not be a problem for the stores to accept.

    There are many examples of Publix coupons that don't have a size listed or say any.

    I think those darned salad dressing cups contributed to this new rule greatly. There are other instances of things that gave people large amounts of overage as well :(
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