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Printed coupons

Just a question about printing and using my computer printed coupons. I keep having trouble every time I check out with my printed at home coupons. They do not scan at Publix. When I use the coupons at other stores, like Wal-mart or target or the commissary, they scan fine. Last week the cashier I had was super vigilant about making sure I knew the new coupon policy. When my coupons printed at home refused to scan, I was asked a lot of questions like,"Did you copy these coupons?" Then the manager came over and told me if my coupons won't scan they are not going to accept them. I have tried changing ink. I don'tknow what to do. I have a pretty good printer, but it is several years old. I am very reliant on printing coupons at home! Any ideas, or has anyone else had this problem and found an answer? Thanks.

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  • qpongalqpongal ✭✭✭✭
    are your settings on "Draft"? (less ink is used so it can occasionally present problems)
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  • Thanks for your comments. I will check all of my print settings before I print again, and also observe the glass on the scanner- never thought about that. Thanks!
  • I have found that coupons (especially from Smart Source) print with two bar codes and won't scan. If you get a savvy cashier, they know to cover one bar code with their hand or fold the coupon to scan only one bar code and that almost always works. Or ask them to try it with the hand scanner because that way they can scan just one bar code. That almost always works too.
  • Yesterday I only used two printed at home q' s, and had to have the manager enter them. At least they were still taken, but the cashier did say, "I don't think I am supposed to take these anymore." I was probably annoying her with my suggestions from you guys in the meantime. Thanks for your help. I will just keep relying on the manager's help for now. But I am still not understanding why the cashiers keep making that comment. Still concerned that if I am trying to use a lot of self printed coupons my whole shopping plan will just fall apart. Oh, the anxieties of couponing! :-)
  • tonu42tonu42 ✭✭✭
    All coupons can be manually entered for this very reason. Although tbh I don't think we get reimbursed if at the place where they all go can't scan it.
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  • Thanks, Tonu 42. Maybe the lack of reimbursement is why I keep hearing the "we can't accept these anymore". That would make sense. Still don't understand why my q' s work at other stores but not Publix. Your response is very helpful!
  • It may be the scanners or the cashier trying to scan the wrong thing (I got a cashier who kept scanning the wrong code and a manager stood there and kept telling her this... I do wish there was a self checkout at all stores). I print my coupons on fast draft on my HP printer and they print really well until there's low ink.
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