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Sea Best

Does anyone have any reviews or thoughts on the Sea Best fish that's going on sale? Some frozen fish I have gotten in the past, cant remember the brands off hand, have been really bad.
Living where we do most of us have access to the best fish there is, so I know I for one can be jaded about frozen stuff but I would still like to see what you guys think..I mean you cant beat the deal.
Mytah ----- Pensacola, FL


  • johnejohne ✭✭✭
    edited August 2014
    I got the salmon when it was free with digital coupon a while ago and it was decent. My daughter who likes salmon ate it(I did try a bit). Probably would not pay much for it, though.
    Acworth, GA feedback I request not to be sent coupons that have been bought from clipping sites or ebay.
  • renearenea ✭✭✭
    We did not care for it as we typically do not like frozen type meals, but will buy for a filler & give to neighbors.
    Tampa Bay (area), FL
    ISO: Dr. Pepper Q's (Pepsi Product here) :)
  • We didn't care for it either but my daughter and grandson really liked them . They will be getting our coupons :)
  • doudouzydoudouzy ✭✭✭
    Not for me..did not like it.
  • You can always add a bit of cheese while baking and then add some vegetables or salsa. My teenage boys enjoy this and I enjoy the great price.
  • mytahmytah ✭✭✭
    Thanks guys...maybe the cat will eat it. :-\"
    Mytah ----- Pensacola, FL
  • I didn't like the one with mango and coconut. I though that it's enough mango and coconut to make a jam. :)
  • Sea best is horrible! I'll be scraping all the gunk off and making tacos / fritattas / etc.

    The sea cuisine products on the other hand are divine.
  • $7.99 BOGO this week ! Used the $2.99 Publix coupon plus there is a printable for $1.00 or you could use the one i saw today for .75 which was a manufacturers coupon on the box! I bought five for free! Free always tastes good!
  • I am 99% sure the $0.75/1 MQ peelies expired in May.

    Target, Winn Dixie
    True BOGO, No Doubles

  • I purchased two packages with recent peelies on them yesterday and I didn't look at the date but they were new packages in the freezer case. Maybe the manufacturer is putting out more recent ones? With the peelies they were a quarter a box.
  • publixgal2savepublixgal2save ✭✭✭
    edited May 2015
    We liked the Sea Best Lobster au gratin (microwave) from the recent bogo deal & the $2.99 PQ.
    I had a RC so I was able to get some Tilapia Florentine and salmon when the $4 Sea Best PQ came out. I think those would taste better when oven baked, but the Lobster au gratin was fine in the micro.
    Happy to have some frozen fish stocked :x Usually we like Gorton's.
    Some of the Highliner/SeaCuisine from past deals, we did not like. Like the ones with the mango stuff on it.
    New to ibotta?
  • gomerswifegomerswife ✭✭✭
    I liked the roasted tomato and herb salmon and the potato crusted cod. Didn't care for any of the others.
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