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I dont currently use this, but am considering it.
Tell me whats good about it (I assume savings) and tell me whats not (is it a PITA? Do you have to deal with ads or spam?). What are your thoughts about it?

Mytah ----- Pensacola, FL


  • maureenlmaureenl admin
    edited July 2014
    Love ibotta. Since I started using it last July, I've earned $141.50 on items I would be buying anyway or that I bought because ibotta made them free. For example, I have a couple of shelf-stable SO Delicious coconut milk cartons in the pantry that were $0 thanks to ibotta. And I earned $10 on Dial products that I was buying anyway at Publix a couple weeks ago (the BOGO bodywashes and bar soaps that were cheap with MQs).

    Easy to use. The tasks you have to do to put the rebate in your account take mere seconds. When I am ready to redeem a rebate, I just scan the barcode of the item and upload the receipt. I use an iPad because I don't have a smartphone. My rebates are usually credited within an hour. You only need $5 to cash out, and I have the cash sent to my PayPal account.

    Even when my qualifying items are on a receipt that was down to less than $1 after coupons, I still earned the ibotta rebates.

    I get emails once or twice a week, but I typically just instantly delete them (I also signed up using a "coupon" account, so the irritation is minimized). They are either reminders of the rebates in my account or alerts that new products have been added.

    Target, Winn Dixie
    True BOGO, No Doubles

  • mytahmytah ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the info Maureen I appreciate it.
    Mytah ----- Pensacola, FL
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