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Trouble using $5/30 Winn-Dixie Coupons

So I sent my husband up to publix this morning to get Huggies diapers. I sent him with a (3) $2/1 MF coupon, (3) $3/1 any Huggies Winn-Dixie coupon from last Sundays insert & (1) $5/30 total purchase Winn-Dixie coupon. He got 3 packs at $10.49/each so his total was over $30. However, the cashier wouldn't let him us both 3/1 & 5/30 Winn-Dixie coupons even though one was specifically for diapers and the other was your total purchase price. He knew enough to ask to talk to the manager, but he only agreed with the cashier. Am I correct in thinking that we should have been able to use both? I want to get this straightened out because now that Winn-Dixie is putting out coupons in the paper I can score some pretty nice deals by using both. I also want to play by the rules, so if I am wrong, I am wrong. Thoughts?


  • I'm just guessing here but since your husband only bought three of the same product they probably counted the Winn-Dixie coupon has being used twice for the same product even though the coupons were different. I think if he had bought a couple of other items along with the diapers he probably could have used them both. That's the way my Publix works anyway.
  • maggimaggi ✭✭✭
    edited June 2014
    Did the manager give a reason as to why you could not combine both? The only problem I see is you were using (3) of the Winn Dixie diaper coupons and they state "one coupon per transaction" on the tiny print.... yes, I went and read the tiny print for you :) I could understand them limiting the WD diaper coupon to (1) but am not sure why they said you could not use the $5/$30 along with diaper coupon. Then again, I think some stores like to change the rules on us at checkout just to mess with our heads.
  • No reason Maggi. Again, it was my husband so if it would have been me I would have pressed the matter more. I was proud of my husband for even taking that step to ask the manager. I didn't realize the fine print said "one coupon per transaction" though. That's a shame. I guess I should consider myself lucky for being able to use 3 of them at once. Thank you for both of your responses. :)
  • Publix gives managers the right to refuse or limit coupons so I don't think it's quite right to ask if the manager was right or wrong. You'd have to speak to the manager to find out why he would not allow both the $3/1 WD diaper coupons and the WD $/$$ coupon.

    I would ask him if you would have hypothetically been allowed to use the three $3/1 WD diaper coupons and a Publix $5/$30.

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  • That is the actually the way I would have approached it too Maureen. Won't stop me from shopping at publix by any means, I'll just save shopping trips with WD coupons for myself & not quick runs for the hubby.
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