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RECALL: Oven Baked Lay's BBQ Chips Dated: 6/4/14

Just in case someone does not know here is a copy & paste:

Date: June 04, 2014
Sold at Publix: Yes

Frito-Lay is conducting a Recall of the following item because while the ingredient panel and disclosures on the back of the packaging correctly indicate the product contains wheat and barley, a partial representation of Frito-Lay’s gluten-free (GF) logo was incorrectly printed on the front of the bag. As a result, there could be confusion whether this product is gluten free. People who have an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten may become temporarily ill or experience a reaction if they consume this product.

Lays Baked KC BBQ Chips: 1.13 OZ
GTIN: 28400-07189
Lot Codes: 7/15, 7/29, 8/12, 8/26
Tampa Bay (area), FL
ISO: Dr. Pepper Q's (Pepsi Product here) :)


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