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2 Reviews - Innovasian meals and Ling Ling Potstickers

mytahmytah ✭✭✭
As a huge fan of Asian cuisine I picked some of these up.

Innovasian - I got several of these when they were on sale last week. Some Beef and Broccoli and some General Tso's. Both were prepared using the "preferred" method on the box.

Beef and Broccoli - on a scale of 1-10 I give it a 4. I guess I believe its beef...from a cow..if they say so. I have my doubts. That coating they put on it is kinda gross. I have never had a "breading" on any [email protected] I have had before. My daughter made another box using the microwave method..she didnt eat but 2 bites, I tossed the rest. My dog was looking at me with his big eyes wanting to eat it, but I had visions of land mines on the floor in the middle of the night that I just didnt want to deal with.

General Tso's chicken - I rate a 2. Have you ever eaten packing peanuts? That what the chicken reminded me of, but with more of a spongy coating than the beef had. Drizzle Styrofoam peanuts with a sweet sticky sauce and viola! Same thing.

Ling Ling potstickers - I got the chicken and veg. variety. These are VERY good. I love gyoza/dumplings/potstickers. I usually buy the ones at the Asian markets here in town, awesome but very pricy. These are almost as good. I give them a solid 7

I bought the Innovasian because of good reviews I read on the main IHP site. What did you guys think of em?
Mytah ----- Pensacola, FL


  • We didn't like the beef at all, but the General Tso's were very good albeit spicy
  • I tried the sweet and sour chicken, orange chicken and beef and broccoli and they were all so gross I threw them away. The fried rice was ok, as long as you don't eat the nasty chicken pieces. I'll never buy these again even if they are free. :-&
    Metro Atlanta
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  • I tried the sweet & sour chicken (reminded me of the cherry-flavored fluoride treatments I got as a kid) and the General Tsao's and did not like either. That was months ago. This last time when the mains and sides were BOGO, I BOGO-matched the Japanese white sticky rice side at WalMart's and am very happy! $3.18 BOGO minus $3.00 in coupons ($1.50/1 x 2). I am sorry I did not have freezer space for more.

    Target, Winn Dixie
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  • Orange chicken and fried rice tonight. Did not put sauce on chicken. Dipped and it was gross. Hubby nor I cared for the chicken. The rice was just okay- I did stirfry some shrimp to add to it. Didn't care for peppers in the rice. Would NOT buy again
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  • I guess there must be something wrong with my taste buds because I liked the Innovasion Beef and Broccoli and the Orange Chicken. I made Jasmine rice as a side dish to go with em. I found the General Tso's too HOT for my liking. I skipped the fried rice as I make very good home made fried rice. As for the pot stickers - the Ling Ling brand were pretty good. I would buy them again. :D
  • kinds glad i didn't get any when they had that deal. my store doesn't carry them.
  • lhartzlhartz ✭✭✭
    I made the Ling Ling Potstickers using the preferred method on the packaging. No one liked them. I ended up throwing them in the garbage. The only way I would buy these again is if they paid me to take them. And even then, I'd still be reluctant because I'd feel bad for whoever I gave them to.
  • Go get him mytah! Lol
    Smyrna, GA
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  • mytahmytah ✭✭✭
    Hahaha...Glad I could entertain you. I actually had to show a great deal of restraint not to go nuclear on this troll, as we want this to be a happy friendly place ...and I would have felt bad that I made all your screens melt with my verbal onslaught.

    ...trying to school me about Asian cooking that's funny

    Oh and kmills9408, you can use the term Wall of Text anytime you wish as I don't own the rights to it :D
    Mytah ----- Pensacola, FL
  • tonu42tonu42 ✭✭✭
    The ling lings are delicious. I think they are made with natural ingredients and no MSG. They are quite good. The innovation meals are trash. If I had them I would only eat them if I had no other food at all, even then I would rethink it. I definitely wouldn't buy them again.
    Publix Cashier
    Everything I say is my opinion
  • edited January 2015
    This.crap.was.disgusting. As an asian college student, I know a thing or two about: 1) frozen/easy-to-prepare meals on publix's BOGO sales and 2) asian food. The box definitely looked legit, but it did NOT pass the taste test. The broccoli and beef was bearable and the orange chicken was just plain nasty. And why do they give you so much sauce??? I almost drowned my food trying to follow the directions.
    Stick with something simple that you cant go wrong on, like the white rice.
    You know your food is disappointing when you got to go online to vent about it haha
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