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Creating your signature


To add your signature you just go to your profile then click the drop down and select "edit profile"
Once there, click "Signature Settings" in the right sidebar.


Once you are there you can add your info.
If you want the information to run over several lines just hit enter and place each line of text on it's own line.

Plus what's fun is that you can use html to make your sig stand out!

Here are a few tips...
You can use the little "chain" above to create a link...
As an example...

You can highlight the words that you want to link and click the "chain link" in the box above the post box (next to the conversation bubble) and then drop in the link.

So to link the words "I Heart Publix" --I would highlight those words and drop in the link: then click OK. Then you get this: I Heart Publix

B - makes things BOLD
I - makes things italicized
U - underlines the words you highlight
S with a line- will strike out the text that you highlight
C will wrap the items in the code you want (useful for folks with more html experience)
The little picture icon allows you to drop in a picture.
Chain link allows you to highlight text then add the link to make the text a clickable link
The conversation bubble allows you to add blockquotes within your post.

If you are really handy with html you can do more like add colors and such... so if you want something to be COLOR RED you would just wrap the text in a color code...

I will be adding more details as I can...


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